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quinta-feira, 8 de setembro de 2016

Bico calado – Maldivas, um paraíso roubado

Saiba como o presidente das Maldivas Abdulla Yameen e o seu ex colaborador Ahmed Adeeb enriqueceram e corromperam todo o sistema político e judicial do país e o que acontecia aos jornalistas e media que investigavam casos de corrupção. Vendiam ilhas em segredo a cadeias de hotéis e o dinheiro vivo entrava nas suas contas, servindo para corromper políticos e juízes. Tudo possível após um golpe de estado que prendeu e afastou o anterior presidente. Pelos microfones e câmaras da Al Jazeera.


OLima disse...

Maldives Authorities Target Journalists After Al Jazeera Exposes $1.5 Billion Corruption Scandal
Police in the Maldives raided the offices of the online news outlet Maldives Independent just hours after the September 7 airing of “Stealing Paradise“, an investigative exposé by Al Jazeera that reveals instances of corruption by President Abdulla Yameen and his government.
Police came to the offices of the Independent and presented a search warrant, alleging a conspiracy by the news outlet “to overthrow the elected government, getting external help to overthrow the elected government, trying to create hatred between the public and the state institutions, and planning to create discord and unrest in Malé [Maldives’ capital].”

In an interview with The Guardian, Rasheed said:

“We’ve had one of our journalists disappear, a machete attack on our door, and our security cameras vandalised, so we’ve had to relocate once before. It’s not a safe place for journalists at all.”
Fearing a backlash, Rasheed reportedly left the country before the documentary aired. Former Maldives auditor-general Niyaz Ibrahim, also featured in the documentary, is also reported to have left the country. Ibrahim was removed from his position in 2014 for publishing a report exposing financial irregularities under the Yameen regime.

The producer of the documentary, Will Jordan, was the editor of Minivan News in 2007, before it was re-branded as Maldives Independent in 2015. In recent weeks, Jordan has received hate-filled tweets and at least one death threat, which remains public on Twitter, despite the company's policy against direct threats of violence:


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